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Telephone : 01483 299701
24 Hour No. : 07984 216502


We understand that your customers are the priority of everything you do. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a pest problem in your work place you can count on us to find a solution fast. We work discretely and keep areas tidy to ensure minimum impact to you and your customers.


If you have any kind of pest intrusion that has taken control of your home then contact us today! Our friendly, helpful team of professionals are here to handle it for you. We work with state of the art technology and the most effective chemicals to resolve your pest problems fast and efficiently.

Risk assesment

Prevention is always the best cure! Let us come and assess your work place or home with a comprehensive risk assessment.  We’ll give you a full report and quotation about vulnerable/ infested areas. We can also provide reports on hygiene best practice to keep those pesky pests away!

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Make sure you never get caught out and let us maintain your building regularly with traps and prevention techniques.

Prevention, maintenance and cure is the full package if you want to ensure things run smoothly.