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Types of infestation / Tips and advice on pests


If you have family pets such as Cats and Dogs in your home, it is very likely that you will encounter Fleas. Fleas feed on your pets blood and on Humans too, this will cause irritation to the skin. It isrecommendedd to treat the source of the infestation and we can sort out the rest.

Other Insect Infestations we can eradicate include, Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Flies & Moths, Mites, Ladybirds.

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Pigeon problems

Pigeons can become a real nuisance to your home or commercial property. They can make a lot of mess, and will cause damage to your property by blocking gutters, nesting under solar panels, dislodging roof tiles etc.

Pigeons will also make a lot of mess with their droppings, if a dropping site is near an entrance to your premises this build up can become very slippery. Also they will encourage insect infestations such as Fleas and Mites.

Most importantly they can be a health hazard to humans by spreading E.Coli and Salmonella. If you are having any of these problems then we can help proof your property to prevent them, give us a call……

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Bees, Wasps & Hornets

Bees are extremely important to our Eco-System, they pollinate a huge amount of crops that man eats. Here at Surrey County Pest Control we recognise this, and will always recommend appropriate solutions to re-home them for you.

Wasps are more active during the summer months, they like to nest outside under eaves of the property or trees, they also nest inside in wall cavities, attics and sheds. By their very nature they are much more aggressive than Bees and will defend their territory, possibly stinging you which can cause an anaphylactic shock if you are allergic to them. For this reason treating Wasp nest should be done by trained professionals.

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Rat and Mice Infestations

Rat and Mice are Commensal Rodents, which means effectively they live at mans table. If food and shelter is available then these guys will live there, If you can fit a pencil in a gap a Mouse will get through it, if its the size of a 50p, a Rat will get in. Rodents teeth continually grow so they need to gnaw on materials to keep them in shape, this is a real nuisance especially in attics, where they can chew on wires and cause a real fire hazard. Rats can spread very serious diseases too, including Leptospirosis and Salmonella.

Surrey County Pest Control maintain a number of establishments in Surrey, keeping these Rodents at bay. If you would like to discuss a maintenance contract for your business please feel free to give us a call.


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